Eicher Polaris – Multix

Eicher Polaris-Multix

The love child of Eicher Motors India and Polaris US – ‘Multix’ is India’s first personal utility vehicle. It is a 3-in-1 vehicle and can be used for business, family and power generation. The tough task was communicating with semi-literate multi-lingual rural Indian target audience. This meant we have to be more visual, simple and instructive. To break the typical mold of automobile advertising, Multix was given a distinct visual identity. For the first time in the automobile category, the product was shown in simplistic vector drawing. The detailed mother world illustrated by Rod Hunt served as a visual bank for the entire campaign.
A very special thanks to our client for allowing us (Multix team at W+K Delhi) to do such clutter breaking work for this unique vehicle. We are now gearing up for the next phase, stay tuned!

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