Save Calligraphy Project

Qalamkaari Creative Calligraphy Trust works for the revival of calligraphy. They organize international calligraphy exhibitions and conduct workshops to create awareness about this dying art form. Our tasks were a) to sensitize the art fraternity and enthusiasts that calligraphy is on the verge of extinction b) to invite people to qalam aatma calligraphy festival.

The creative rendition draws an analogy between endangered animals and calligraphy. We used popular couplets in three different languages: Malayalam, Urdu and Oriya. The couplets were in praise of the respective scripts. These posters were put up at relevant places.

The project was done at Ogilvy in 2013 with my partner Riazat Ullah Khan, ECD: Ajay Gahlaut, CD: Preeti Koul

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